By owning the community access NFT you will have different possibilities to learn and make the most of the world of NFTs, creating your own and selling it from your own domain. We give you all the necessary tools and resources so you can do the whole process by yourself.
In addition NFTs2Me is a DAO, this means that the owners of the NFTs of the first collection that we release have a say in the new options that are opened within this project.
You will be able to create a collection of images in a simple way and we also provide you with the smart contracts you can use and a plugin for WP with which you can sell this collection and the different options with which you can monetize these NFTs, since it is not just a pure image, but it can be the key to access to many other options.
You will also be able to access exclusive launches and presales with which we reach agreements with other projects and thus be among the first users to support them.