Redeemable NFTs (POAPs)

POAPs, tickets, and more
Using NFTsMe tools you'll be able to create redeemable NFTs like POAPs, tickets, and more. Combined with SBT and Token Gating possibilities are endless!

What are POAP?

POAP is an acronym for "Proof of Attendance Protocol". A POAP NFT is a specific type of NFT that shows you attended an event or experience. While POAP NFTs aren't yet widespread, they're quickly becoming popular.
POAPs are a great way to engage with your community! Use them in lives, Discord, meetings... giving out POAPs to engage with your community members.

Can I transfer POAPs?

Since POAPs are NFTs, they can be traded on various NFT marketplaces as well. However, POAPs are essentially proof of holders’ personal attendance at an event. So, it is up to you, but we encourage to not allow (create Soulbound POAPs). However, you can always check the history of transfer, and know who was the first owner of a POAP, which is the one who was really "attending".
Typically, this unique NFTs (either ERC-721 or ERC-1155) are given out for free to event attendees, which serve as verifiable proof that the holders attended that specific event. You could compare POAPs with a collection of concert tickets, except that they are digital and secured by blockchain technology.