๐ŸšชToken Gating

Access exclusive content using your NFT

Token gating is a common tool used by NFT project teams to create value for community members. Essentially, token gating allows projects to reward people who hold their NFTs by creating exclusive content, events, and other benefits available only to token holders.

Is a mechanism where access to certain content or benefits associated with an NFT is restricted based on whether the user holds a token from your Collection. This can be seen as a way to reward and incentivize long-term holders of an NFT, as they may be given exclusive access to features or experiences that are not available to others. Token gating provides a way to create unique and exclusive experiences for NFT holders, while also adding value to the underlying tokens themselves.

Using our tools you'll be able to let your users (owner of NFTs from your collection) access exclusive content, exclusive Airdrops, etc. You can even stratify access to content based on whether users are owners of NFTs from one deployed project or another.

You can create a general token gating landing page as well as individual items. Every content gated item created has a public description as well as a private information.

This is temporarily offered for free for everyone to use. This feature will be exclusive to users of our Booster Pack.

We offer two different free solutions of hosting:

  • NFTs2Me hosting: Use a custom subdomain on NFTs2Me.

  • User your own platform: Use our widget adding it at your existent web.

Yo can see a token gating page example below:

Check a live example at https://pandas-penguins.nfts2.me/gated/script/

Check more at https://nfts2me.com/#why-choose-us

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