Extend rich metadata

You can extend the metadata of your digital collection as much as you want, using the tool that you will find inside the "Upload to IPFS" tab, below is a screenshot where you can find it:
In this tool you can download your current metadata generated so far in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, which is a plain text file that stores data by delimiting data entries with commas. For example for the DEMO backup, the CSV will have a first line which is: name,description,trait[Background],trait[Body],trait[Dress],trait[Face],trait[Hair]
And the following lines are the information of each token with the corresponding metadata.
You can bulk edit the whole file and update it easier and faster.
It also allows you to extend the metadata of your collection by adding these new columns:
  • youtube_url: include the youtube_url column in your CSV and link it to a youtube video (ex: to be displayed when someone enters to view the token.
  • Extend attributes (traits): you can add extra information for each token and the marketplaces will show it in a special way if that token has any extra. To add these attributes we need to create new columns in the CSV with the following format: trait[NAME][TYPE]. The available types are:
    • number
    • boost_percentage
    • boost_number
    • date: you can indicate a date, for example the age of a token, for this you would have the column trait[Birthday][date]. Pass in a unix timestamp (seconds) as the value.
You offer you an example of a CSV edited using several of these extensions using the DEMO collection. You can download it here.
More information about the NFT metadata standard and how it is displayed in OpenSea, check this article.