Custom mint pages and widget

Fully customizable collections.

Collection Description, Banner and Logos

Customize your collection mint page and send the link to your partners and friends.
Set up a custom mint page with your own subdomain (for free!) so that your users can mint your NFTs, or embed it in your website easily using our widget. You'll be able to set your own custom subdomain hosted by us or use you own website/domain (Booster Pack required).
You can access this section in the 'Minting page' option of the left-hand side menu within your collection management dashboard.
Minting page customization option menu
You'll be able to customize the Collection URL, the Collection Name and its description using Markdown.
By default we generate a "Logo Image", a "Feature Image" and a "Banner Image" for you, but you can choose to change them at any moment. We provide descriptions explaining the purpose of each type of image, as well as where and how they will be utilized:
  • Logo image: It will be used as the main image of the collection on the minting page. For optimal appearance and optimization, it is recommended to use a size and resolution of 400x400
  • Featured image: This image will be used when you share the URL of the Minting page on social media platforms such as Twitter or Telegram. For optimal appearance and optimization, it is recommended to use a size and resolution of 1400x1050.
Appearance of the featured image when sharing the link via Telegram
When you share the link on a social network, it caches the associated image. So, if you modify it, it may not refresh immediately, and you may have to wait or request the network to refresh it.
  • Banner image: This will be the image used as the background at the top of the Minting page. For optimal appearance and optimization, it is recommended to use a size and resolution of 1400x350

Themes & Layout

To further customize your minting page, we've added several options to choose your own design and colors. Using the Color Palettes you'll be able to choose incredible predefined colors for your minting page. But you can also choose to fully customize them, including backgrounds, text or even button colors!
We've added a Preview Layout so that you can easily preview the final design of your collection.
Using the "Extra Information" buttons you'll be able to add or remove some information and/or sections of the minting page layout.
Extra information section
We're going to explain what each of the options is for:
  • NFT Showcase Active: When active, a showcase of the collection NFTs will be shown on the minting page, indicating which are minted and which are not. If using a placeholder, the placeholder information will be shown instead of the actual information.
  • Show sold NFTs: You can hide the amount of sold NFTs on the minting page. Note that this won´t hidden on the blockchain, which is public and immutable.
  • Show Banner Image: When active, the image of the banner you have chosen will be displayed at the top of the minting page.
Banner image at page top
  • Show remaining NFTs supply: You can hide the NFTs supply (and amount of remaining NFTs) on the minting page. Note that this won´t be hidden on the blockchain, which is public and immutable.
You can play around with the different options and try out how your Minting page looks until you find the result you expect.
Finally, you can easily add some links to your minting page that may be interesting to your users. This will display icons for them on the Minting page. When users click on them, the page will take them to the URLs you have defined.
Link icons showed at minting page
By default, the 'powered by' banner is enabled. This implies that the "powered by" banner will be present at the bottom of the Minting page.
Enable/Disable "Powered by" option
Bottom "powered by" banner displayed
Create your own white-label brand. The "Show Powered by NFTs2Me" option can be disabled if you hold a NFTs2Me Booster Pack. Read about the benefits of having a Booster Pack
Remember to always save your changes by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. If you don't, your changes won't be saved, and the Minting page won't be updated.