๐ŸŒ†NFT Holders Snapshots

Current and Past Snapshots of NFT Holders

Current and Past Snapshots of NFT Holders.

Take a snapshot of the current or past (from a specific date/block) owners of your collection including holders, tokenList and more. Download in JSON to parse in the future or use in our tools as a way of Token Gating.

Thanks to this tool, you can obtain a list of wallets holding your collection's NFTs at current date, either to consult it or to use this information in other applications/webs, perform airdrops to those wallets, etc. You can also compare which owners have changed, or which ones are new, or have been minted from a specific date onward.

Also you can check which tokens are sold.

Below you have an snapshot example:

Let's see how to use this tool:

First we see is a selector that switches from "Current block" to "Past snapshot". By default current block option is selected. That means that you are going to obtain actual information.

Past snapshot option asks for a custom date and time. You will obtain the collection information for that specific date.

When you request a snapshot and everything goes well you receive something like this:

You can update the information by requesting a new snapshot of the blockchain by clicking on 'Re-take snapshot'.

Furthermore you can download that snapshot in a json formatted file. Yo can process it manually or automatically if you need.

Let's examine the structure of the information you will receive:

  • ContractAddress: The address of the smart contract associated with the NFTs collection.

  • BlockNumber: Last block.

  • Timestamp: The Unix timestamp representing the time when the information was recorded.

  • Stats: An object containing statistics related to the collection NFTs.

    • Total_nfts: The total number of NFTs minted.

    • unique_owners: The number of unique owners of the NFTs at that collection.

    • unique_owners_percentage: The percentage of unique owners among all NFT holders.

    • contract_creation_blocknumber: The block number at which the contract was created.

  • Holders: An array containing information about NFT holders.

    • owner: The address of the NFT holder.

    • amount: The number of NFTs held by the owner.

    • tokens: An array containing information about individual tokens that are holder by that owner. Yo can see the NFT identifier at the collection.

  • Tokenlist: An array containing information about lists of tokens in the collection. It only shows NFTs that have been minted and held by someone.

    • TokenId: The unique identifier of the token at this collection.

    • owner: The address of the owner of the token.

Tokens not listed have not been minted.

You can use these tools as a manual method of Token Gating. For integrated Token Gating functionality, visit the addon section. You can download the json and process it manually or using a script.

Check more at https://nfts2me.com/#why-choose-us

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