๐Ÿ“œProtocol Fee

Empowering creators revenue

Designing and creating your NFT collection at NFTs2Me is completely free! We only charge a small, flat fee called Protocol Fee to collectors when they mint your NFTs. This tiny fee of just 0.0001 ETH (~$0.30, or even lower depending on the blockchain) helps keep NFTs2Me running smoothly and supports both devs and creator (Creator Rewards).

There are no fees for you to create and deploy your collection (except for the standard blockchain fees). This makes NFTs2Me super accessible for anyone to bring their NFT ideas to life while supporting creators with Creator Rewards. This fee is only applied to collectors (creation and airdrop minting have no cost), and can be removed if needed.

Below is the breakdown of the Protocol Fee, Platform Fee and Creator Rewards for some of the supported networks:

Creators can choose to set a higher "Protocol Fee" that will be split between "Creator Rewards" and "Platform Fee". It can be at most as high as the "Platform Fee". Anything higher than that will be treated as Minting Fee.

๐Ÿ‘€ How do I set the Creator Rewards?

Creators can check the Platform Fee that the platform will apply for a given deploy at the time of creating the collection in the "Minting Fee" field, while being able to set their Creator Rewards or Minting Fee, as you can see in the following image:

Once the NFT collection is deployed, you can see the protocol fee value on its minting page by hovering over the price area:

๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ Is it free to create and deploy with NFTs2Me?

It is and it has always been free to create and deploy collections on different blockchains with NFTs2Me, both mainnets and testnets, in addition to the use of our Generative Art tool. We are dedicated and committed to the NFT community.

Creators don't incur any fees for creation or deployment. Your collections won't incur any costs if they don't meet the expected uptake. And withdrawal receive 100% of the accrued minting fee on the contracts. It's the collectors who pay a small fee. If you prefer collectors not to pay this fee, you can remove it for a lower cost than what they would typically pay for each mint.

Our previous revenue model was different, and the new model may be less convinient for some creators. For all those creators who have been with us since previous versions, if you encounter any issues with this revenue model, please contact us through our Discord or social media, to talk about it. We are sure that we'll be able to reach a common ground. As we have always done, we respond to all users, we are transparent, and we strive to ensure everyone is happy, both you and us.

๐Ÿช‚ Is there any fee associated with doing an NFT airdrop?

No, both at deployment or after deployment, you can do as many airdrops as you want to your collectors or community without any cost other than gas.

โœจ๐Ÿงน Can I remove the protocol fee so that my collectors don't have to pay it?

Absolutely. As a creator, you can remove the protocol fee so that your collectors don't have to pay it. This will make your collection more appealing, in addition to being a gesture to your community, and it may potentially boost the number of mintings for your NFTs. Removing the Protocol Fee is a great way to incentivize your users to mint NFTs from your collection.

In this case, the amount you'll have to pay will be lower than what your collectors would pay in case of a sold-out or minting a large number of NFTs. In Open Editions collections (no limit of NFT mintings), it will definitely be worthwhile. You can always slightly increase the value of the NFTs to not bear that cost alone.

The price of removing the Protocol Fee is half of the current Protocol Fee for each NFT not minted yet. On collections with unlimited supply or with more than 10,000 left to mint, we consider a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Once the Protocol Fee is removed, the user will only pay the minting fee defined by the user (if any).

To carry out this step, you need to go to the "Earnings" section of your project's dashboard:

You'll be able to find the area to remove the protocol fee at the bottom of the section.

Click on the "Remove Protocol Fee" button, and a confirmation modal will appear showing the price to pay to remove it.

Confirm the modal by clicking on the button and accept the transaction in your wallet.

๐Ÿค What is the purpose of including this fee?

It is two-sided. On the one side, we believe it is a great way to support creators using Creator Rewards. On the other side, the NFTs2Me platform incurs various expenses such as servers, IPFS, installations, and of course, personnel. Up to now, we have prioritized continuous development of new features and growing the NFT community, but there comes a point where this is not sustainable.

The funds we receive will be used to continue building and supporting tools to support the NFT ecosystem for both creators and collectors.

However, it's essential to acknowledge the inherent risk associated with not charging creators any fees. While we prioritize user experience and affordability, this approach leaves us vulnerable, especially considering that other platforms do charge creators amounts higher than us.

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