๐Ÿ’ณCredit Card / FIAT Payments

Enable support to your NFT collection to be paid with FIAT / Credit Card

Let your users pay using FIAT! Receive crypto.

Using NFTs2Me you'll be able to allow the user to pay both on crypto and FIAT. The user will be able to choose how to pay the minting fee for the NFT. They can pay using FIAT and send the NFT to an already created wallet or, in case they don't own one, using a custodial wallet. They'll be able to transfer the minted NFT to a wallet whenever they want in the future.

Despite the user paying on FIAT, you'll receive the payments on crypto using the ERC-20 (e.g. USDC) or Native Token (e.g. Ether, MATIC, BNB...) in which you setup the minting price of your collection.

You can check a live example of FIAT / Credit Card payments with USDC at https://starter_booster_pack_polygon.nfts2.me/.

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