๐Ÿ‘คSoulbound (Non-transferable NFTs)

Soulbound Collections and Airdrops (Non-transferable NFTs)

Soulbound tokens (SBT) are NFTs "bound" to the buyer/minter. Therefore, once minted they can't be transferred to another wallet. There are a bunch of case uses where this can be useful, like non transferable membership tokens (bound to the user), giving special personal rights to specific wallets, avoiding art reselling...

Soulbound collections can be very useful combined with Token Gating. Is a way to limit reselling of memberships. Of course, non Soulbound collections have their own advantages as well.

You can choose to mint specific Soulbound Tokens while keeping a regular (transferable) collection using the airdrop and whitelist options.

Using Soulbound tokens in Airdrops is a great way of giving something to your users that avoiding reselling of non-buyers .

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