๐Ÿช‚Airdrops / free minting with CSV batch sending

Free NFT minting

Free NFT minting (excluding gas) to different wallets, e.g. airdrop winners, sweepstakes winners, send to your colleagues for free... Airdrops can be sent regardless of the current collection Phase.

Check a video below of an Specify Minting Airdrop:

Using this tool (Airdrops) you will be in charge of paying the gas for the transfer transaction. If you want the user to pay the gas fees or claim the NFTs by itself, you can use the whitelist tool with a 0 mint fee. That way the receiver (e.g. airdrop winners) is the one who have to pay the gas to claim the prize.

Check more at https://nfts2me.com/#why-choose-us

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