Payments in Stablecoins/ERC-20/Native

Let your users pay in any currency!!

Using our any-payment solution your users will be able to pay the minting price using any ERC-20 or native coin in just one transaction. No intermediary swaps require and offering the best price for the user. However, you will receive your payment in your set currency. For example, you can set the collection price to 100 USDC per NFT. The user will be able to pay using Ether, SHIBA, DAI, AAVE... but you will receive 100 USDC per every sold NFT.

Set a price in Native Coin (e.g. Ether) or ERC-20 (USDC, DAI...). Let your users mint your NFTs with anything (Native or any ERC-20). We'll do a transparent swap and mint for the user in one transaction. You'll always receive in your defined payment.

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