๐Ÿ’ฒAffiliates System

Complete Affiliates System

Using the affiliates system you'll be able to both reward affiliates who help you sell your collection, as well as offer an optional discount for the end user coming from a affiliate link.

The optional discount is a great way to help promote your collection through affiliates, as these ensure that their audience will want to use their reference.

We provide them with statistics so that they are able to view some insights of their sells.

We have also prepared this url inside your subdomain to allow the user to see his statistics and claim his earnings.

You can choose to set a general affiliation information (commission and user discount), but you can also set a different and custom per wallet affiliation information (commission and user discount). That way, you can provide special commission conditions for top affiliates.

Once fixed, you won't be able to lower the percentages, just raise them. This is to give confidence to the referrer.

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