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If you have already uploaded your metadata and images to IPFS and you want to enter this information instead of uploading it again to IPFS, you can do using NFTs2Me.
This mode is active when you create a new NFT project using the "Editions" or "Drops" mode.
The fields that you must fill are:
  • IPFS URI where the metadata is located, at this point it is important to know the format that should be the .json files, for the first token you start in ipfs://IPFSURI/1.json, the second token is , ipfs://IPFSURI/2.json so until the total supply that if it is 100 the last token would be ipfs://IPFSURI/100.json.
    Important about the IPFSURI format of "Content Identifiers" (CIDs), some examples would be:
    • v0: QmdfTbBqBPQ7VNxZEYEj14VmRuZBkqFbiwReogJgS1zR1n
    • v1: bafybeihdwdwdcefgh4dqkjv67uzcmw7ojee6xedzdetojuzjevtenxquvyku
  • Total supply of the collection. It is important that the number coincides with the amount of .json files that have been uploaded. If there is an error, the tool will warn you in case it has failed to find the last json file, and you will see something like this: