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Creator Fee Enforcement (NFT royalties)

Optionally force creators fee

Creators Fee Enforcement

We believe creators fee enforcement should be creators choice –not a marketplace's–. That's why we implement the Operator Filter Registry by OpenSea for all of our Collections by default. You can disable it if you wish.
Check out video of how easy it is to enabled/disabled on NFTs2Me Collections!
Its support is multichain as well, currently deployed in the following networks: Ethereum, Goerli, Polygon, Mumbai, Optimism, Arbitrum One, Avalanche and Klaytn.

The Basics of NFT Royalties

Later, Bob resells that NFT to Charlie for 5Ξ in a secondary sale transaction on OpenSea.
Because Alice set her royalties to 10% on OpenSea, she receives 0.5Ξ from the exchange.
If Alice hadn’t set her creator fee (sometimes referred to as ‘royalties’ / 'royalty') parameters and OpenSea didn’t use this system, she wouldn’t have automatically earned 0.5Ξ. It’d be up to Bob to manually send that payment, and in most cases that volunteering just wouldn’t happen.
This has led to cases of NFT royalties not being honoured when NFTs minted on one platform are sold on another.
Why are things like this? Because there wasn’t a great way to enforce NFT royalties at the smart contract level until now.
We are doing all this for you so that you don't have to worry about anything. Just enable/disable enforcement in the dashboard.