๐ŸŽŽCreating NFT Collection with Subcollections

Creating NFT Collection with Subcollections for Gender-Specific Accessories

To set up subcollections, you must enable the Subcollection mode. This is where the screenshot comes into play, in point 1. Click on "Subcollections" to access the configuration of the subcollections.

In point 2, you can change the attribute name of each sub-collection, in the case of the screenshot it is "Gender".

To add new sub-collections you must go to point 3 and click on the "+" button here you will indicate the name of the sub-collection and a layer of its own, for example "Male" and as a layer "Male face".

And finally in point 4 you can select the different layers of this subcollection, the ones that appear as dark gray as Background refers to the common layers of all the subcollections that is represented above in the square of point 3 as "Main".

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